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It is not recognised that Coercive control is part of Narcissistic Abuse !

New legislation fails to tackle the Narcissists agenda to destroy anybody that dares to challenge them.

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Raising awareness of Narcissistic Abuse and pushing the boundaries beyond coercive control!

So many therapists have a lack of understanding of the insidious ways narcissists suck the life out of people around them, victims often contact us having been re-traumatised.

Many victims are going to their GP and prescribed with antidepressants and misdiagnosed with Mental illness when in fact they just need help from someone who understands.

If your therapist doesn’t understand the dynamics of narcissism and it's debilitating effects they are unlikely to be able to support you.

Validation, understanding and compassion are the key components to unlocking this condition.  

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Have you been given medication when in fact you are being abused?

Have you been given medication when in fact you are being abused?

Loneliness and Isolation

When a relationship ends, regardless of the circumstances there is an overwhelming sense of loss and confusion.  These feelings can be exacerbated due to isolation a lack of direction and a loss of identity and at times resulting in suicidal thoughts. Although people can access support through their GP’s, there are many reasons they don’t reach out as many of them are in denial that the relationship has ended. 

Knowing that all future decisions have to be made alone can be a daunting task and can overwhelm the strongest of people. Many signs of trauma are not visible, and symptoms can present in many different ways. 

 Those affected may not want to burden others for many reasons and can put on a false self-indicating everything is ok however it is important whatever the reason people do receive help.  Although there are support groups online and in the community, many people are unable to access theses due to them not having the confidence, skills or finances having heavily relied on their partner who is no longer there. 

The best advice is to not let the fear of being alone control your life and to use the fear in a constructive way. There is a difference between feeling alone and being lonely and once things start to settle and the realisation starts to sink in that this person is not coming back, this is time to make positive changes. 

Really get to know who you are as an individual and focus on the positives, it is important that we grow as we explore this new chapter of our life. Find ways to replace negative experiences with positive ones,  try things you were never able to do when you were in a relationship and you will soon develop your own new friendship circle of people who won’t let you down.

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Psychological Murder

Break the invisible chains that keep you locked in this hell, we can support and empower you to cut the ties safely. You cannot change someone who is devoid of basic human emotions such as empathy, compassion and love.  These people wear a mask and to many in their lives may seem perfectly normal, however behind the mask, they are like Jekyll and Hyde and often behind closed doors they abuse those closest to them in unimaginable ways, using coercively controlling methods to brainwash their victims.

Aftermath of Narcissistic Abuse

You more than likely have Complex -PTSD (Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome), anxiety, poor concentration and an inability to manage every day tasks. You don't know who you are anymore, you have lost your sense of self, you are trauma bonded to your abuser, you feel crazy and completely alone, this is perfectly normal but you can recover.  It is easier than you think to break away and embark on a life changing journey and we can help to guide you to a better destination.

Reclaim your life beyond your wildest dreams

Have you been suffering for so long you've forgotten what it feels like to be at peace or maybe you haven't since childhood.  Are you heartbroken over and over again?  Do you have deep routed co-dependant or abandonment issues which keep you trapped in an abusive relationship with a Narcissistic Personality Disordered monster, healing means changing your life and you can do this, you have been trapped in this cycle of narcissistic abuse for so long that you cannot see a way out, but there is.  You've been brain washed, you can retrain your brain and begin to build a new life where anything is possible.

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Know your rights

World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day, WNAAD.


We offer a telephone advice and support service for individuals who may have to come face to face with their ex partner following the break up. 

Victims will often feel overwhelmed at the thought of having to meet with the Narcissist for the first time since the relationship ended and that gut wrenching feeling starts to surface just at the thought of being in the presence of the Narcissist. 

Remember this is no normal break up and these predators do not play by the rules, it is highly likely they will use children, finances and your home to further manipulate you so it’s important to understand your rights and responsibilities.  

You may be fortunate enough to have legal representation however always check that the law firm representing you has an understanding of Narcissistic Abuse. Solicitors are extremely expensive and it is worth asking them about their understanding of this type of abuse before signing up with them. We offer safety advice if there is a forthcoming Court appearance, we give practical advice for ongoing child contact issues and can give you clarity of what is expected of you during this process.  

For individuals who cannot afford legal representation or don’t qualify for legal aid during this process Advocates can be booked in advance but a cost will be incurred. Please email to book in a session

Email support@abusevictimshealing.co.uk for support.

LGBT/Male Victims - Narcissism is gender neutral


Are you in a same sex relationship or are you a male suffering from abuse from a female Narcissist?  We recognise this form of abuse can happen to anyone, Narcissistic Personalities come in all shapes, sizes, forms and gender. We have helped Men who are being abused by a woman, as well as same sex relationship victims.  We offer gender neutral support, please get in touch with us, we don't judge, we only want to help you break free.  We understand it can be even harder for a male victim, as there is so little help and even less understanding for the victims.  

Email support@abusevictimshealing.co.uk for support


our vision, our purpose, to help others

About us

We are strong independent women who have previously been caught in the web of Narcissistic abuse and we support all genders.  

We have many shared experiences and our driving force is our passion to support others to break free. We deliver training for professionals as part of our strategy to increase public confidence and to support the people being failed.

Despite our significant experience working in the Local Authority, something we have found is the lack of understanding about the impact of Narcissistic Abuse in the professional arena. 

We have set up this support to target individuals who have either been let down by professionals or those who are struggling to make sense of what has happened to them. So many people are being prescribed anti-depressants, as the symptoms of this abuse are not recognised by professionals. The knock on effect of this can be catastrophic as this can give perpetrators the upper hand to use the person’s mental health as ammunition against them.   

We have experience in the court process through breakups and can offer the right advice to those that feel the system is against them.   

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Our Vision, our purpose, to help others.  We want to support as many victims as we can, we want victims of this type of abuse to stand up and tell their stories. 

There are a breed of Monsters out there and they are incredibly clever, incredibly covert, yet so dangerous to those who fall into their trap.

Please stand up and share your story, lets unite and expose these Monsters!

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Does this sound familiar?

Reclaim your life


Do you feel as if you’ve been soul raped? 

Are you hanging on by a thread? 

Are you struggling with work, to concentrate, to be emotionally there for your children? 

Perhaps you have severe anxiety; you have been walking around on eggshells, you have been isolated from family and friends and feel deep shame at the situation. 

Are you on a constant emotional rollercoaster and you just can’t get off? 

Do you feel intense confusion as if you don’t know who you are anymore and your life is slowly falling apart around you? 

If you are feeling some of the above, then please understand you are almost certainly addicted to a Narcissistic/Sociopathic Personality Disordered person. 

Perhaps your detox has been forced upon you as this person has discarded you with little or no warning, without any support. 

You have an intense Trauma Bond (also likened to Stockholm Syndrome), but there is a way out from this demoralising hell you are in.

 Like any other addiction, you have to detox, if you are ready to finally cut those cords, pull the plug on the energy that you are supplying this person then you can do it with our help. 

Withdrawing from this type of addiction has been likened to coming off heroin, so please understand your pain is real and it is not your fault.  

You are not crazy, you are not weak, you are human but sadly the person you are addicted to is unable to reciprocate true love. 

You do have the power to change yourself and we want to help you. The journey you embark on now will not only rebuild your life but also will become a new lifestyle if you allow it to.  

The healing has to come from within, we can only guide you and show you the easiest way to do this, not only have we been in the very same place you are now we have helped many others how to beat their addictions too.

Email support@abusevictimshealing.co.uk for support.


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