Feedback from survivors



Without your help I would feel like I was a mad woman, so many people thought I was a freak and will never understand what I went through, eternally grateful 

L.C, Bedfordshire

You explained things so easily and being there every step of the way gave me the strength to stay away this time. 

J.P, Lincolnshire

Being able to validate what I was experiencing was life changing for me, being a male I didn't think you would understand, however I would recommend you to anybody or any males trying to escape from a toxic relationship. 

D.P, New York

The support you gave me was amazing, it felt like someone was holding my hand and knew what I was thinking, and never again would I go back. My friends tell me he has a new girlfriend, her name is Tania, she will be contacting you soon no doubt lol.

S.W, Hertfordshire

Anyone who is considering leaving their abusive Narcissist should do this course; it was the best money i have ever spent. A qualified counselor couldn’t help me get through a detox addiction to a narcissist as she didn’t understand what I was going through you supported me through my journey to recovery, healing and freedom

A.P, London

I was literally hanging on to life by a thread, broken, vulnerable and so frustrated as I could not find the words to explain what had happened to me, I had pretty much gone mute and given up after fighting for so long and then I met you, suddenly I had validation, you understood, I knew I wasn’t crazy and what had happened to me was real. You are my lifesaver, you have changed my life in ways I never imagined and to think I was so close to giving up on it all. Thank you eternally

S.W Buckinghamshire


you for showing me the way back to taking control of my life, I would never believed you could help me to break free.

K.B, Staffordshire

I was so close to giving up, being dragged through a justice system, out of my depth and he had them all fooled!! Without your help I would have given up.

K.B, Wiltshire

I knew something was terribly wrong in my abusive marriage, but I had no idea what was wrong, I thought it was me, I was crazy, I drove him to this and then I found you and realised there was something very wrong with him.  thank you so much for showing me the way out. 

T.T, Kent